Warehousing and Logistics services

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$0.40 per unit


 Polybag                 $0.25 per unit   (As Per Standard)
Bubble wrap           $0.50 per unit  (As Per Standard)
A standard-size item is one that, when fully packaged, weighs 20 lb or less and does not exceed:
18 inches on its longest side
14 inches on its median side
8 inches on its shortest side


Package Forwarding: $2.99 per box (to Amazon FBA only as Per Amazon Standard)
We’ll provide you box weight & dimensions. You’ll provide us the UPS Shipping Labels & FBA Box Label via shipment.


$0.80 Per Cubic Feet (First Week Storage is Free)


20″ container $300 up to 150 standard cases*, for each case over 150 additional $0.50.
40″ container $450 up to 225 standards cases*, for each case over 225 additional $0.50.


We always try to reuse your original boxes when possible. However at times, we must use new boxes to ensure the safety or cost-effectiveness of your shipments.

Small  $1.99

Medium  $2.99

Large  $3.99

X-Large  $4.99

Amazon Customer retuned items

You have can send us your Amazon customer returned item for inspection, learn why your items are being returned, you might be able to get credit from Amazon and have some items back on sale.
For each box or envelop receiving $1.50
Inspection starting at $5 per item
Box outbound $1.50 per box (including applying the shipping labels you will send us and forwarding to our daily pickup of UPS).
If a pallet is required for shipping out, there is an additional charge of $25 per pallet.


PayPal (fees to be covered by the customer)

Payoneer (a minimum of $50, no fees to Payoneer account holders)

Wire Transfer (fixed fee of $16 to be covered by the customer)

For any other service, we’ll be happy to discuss your specific requirements with you and tailor a service to meet your business needs.

Quality of Service Guaranteed!
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